Cafe interior

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Condition: Good
Materials: Wood
Color: Dark Brown
Dimensions: This cafe consists of several parts. The bar: 250 X 60 x 105 cm The back wall: 250 X 60 X 105 cm The mirror: 150 X 155cm

We received a tip that an old brown café was closing just across the border with France.

Upon arrival, the café seemed to have been closed for quite some time.

After asking around, we ended up with the owners.

We really closed the deal after a few beers.

They rounded up some family members and we were able to load everything right away.

It did take us a few days to clean the furniture.

All’s well that ends well.

Between the back wall and the bar there is also a platform so you can stand higher behind your bar.

There is a copper sink, this is still completely intact and can be used again.

Complete old cafes are very rare, we are lucky to have found one.