Apothecary Cabinet

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Condition: Good
Materials: Wood
Color: Grey
Dimensions: Length: 430 cm Width: 49/30 cm Height: 254 cm

On our tour of Germany, we received a tip that there was a large apothecary cabinet for sale in Berlin.

We were in Leipzig at the time we got the tip.We immediately went

direction Berlin with the hope of convincing the old owners 

to resell it to us.

This cabinet apparently had a very emotional value as it had always been with the same family.

We promised that it would be given a beautiful new home, but we only had a verbal agreement.

2 months later we received the news that we could pick it up.

The Kuehner family really kept their word, even though they had many other interested people.

Deutsche Pünktlichkeit really does exist!

With a super feeling we could then continue our German road trip.

This unique apothecary cabinet is a true masterpiece.

The cabinet consists of 2 parts which is easy for transportation.